Skol Brewery Limited- the august brewery company in Rwanda yesterday proudly announced the launch of their new product called ‘Skol Select’.

Skol Select is a medium beer of 5.5% vol Alc. In a 33 cl truly innovative green bottle. Its unique and refined shape with embossed graphics matches its refined taste.

The new product is brewed from natural selected hops that provide the balance to the natural sweetness from the selected malt while adding subtle spice notes with a very pleasant final taste.

Commending on the efforts put in by the Skol brewery team Skol Brewery General Manager Ivan Wulffaert said, “We are very proud to launch Skol Select today. Our master brewer and team have taken time refining the art of brewing, to produce this perfectly balanced beer with a refined taste.

“We trust our esteemed consumers will enjoy Skol Select and feel the satisfaction of having made the refined choice.”

The Skol marketing Director Anita Haguma said, “We see the Rwandan beer market is becoming more sophisticated and we are launching Skol Select to respond to this need for refinement.”

Skol Select is the first beer in Rwanda with a refined taste of subtle spice notes in an innovative pack.

Skol Select is available in crates of 24 * 33 cl bottles of a recommended retail price of RWF 700 per bottle. Initially available in selected premium outlets in the country.

In addition to the launch of Skol Select, Ivan Wulffaert announces the exciting partnership between Skol Brewery and the international football club, Arsenal FC.

“We are very happy and proud to announce this partnership with Arsenal FC. We view Arsenal as the team that takes great pride in their approach to football and the quality of their play on the pitch. A refined version of the great game. Arsenal will be a key support to Skol Select.”

He added, “Skol Brewery Ltd, Rwanda are proud of their approach to brewing and product quality always taking more extra step to ensure the best experience for our customers and consumers. “

A press conference on Skol-Arsenal partnership will take place on January 9th, 2019.