To whom it may concern

Kigali, 22nd of August 2019

Following some feedback from the public on our recent Live Laugh Lager campaign


After consultations between SKOL Managing Director Mr. Ivan Wulffaert and the Minister of Gender and Family Promotion Amb. Soline NYIRAHABIMANA, we at SKOL Brewery realize that some of the jokes have been interpreted as offensive and demeaning women.  SKOL Brewery Ltd. would like to make a public apology for any offense that may have been caused.

At SKOL Brewery we champion gender equality whenever and wherever we can. This is reflected in our intentional drive to hire and promote female talent in Rwanda resulting in a balanced senior management team with the majority of 57% being women. In addition, Unibra, our Parent Company, has a chairwoman for the group. SBL is committed to keep mainstreaming gender equality within the organization and at the workplace.

SKOL Brewery is not investing in Rwanda to make quick wins but is here with an underlying vision and mission.  SBL promotes a sustainable business that wants to have long term fundamental positive impact in the country. We have the ambition to contribute to, and influence corporate practice on:

             Good governance and anti-corruption

             Trade facilitation and sustainability

             Gender equality

             Climate change

We also share a lot of values with our personnel, our stakeholders and the institutions and the community around us. Our values are about:

             Positivity. We believe there is always a solution

             Commitment. We are dedicated and work together as a team

             Integrity. We always say and act according the truth

             Personal Leadership. Behave as the best example in all the things you do


             Respect. We make no difference in gender, age, religion or ethnics. We reward performance and competence. We can have a different point of view but we discuss in a mature, respectful way. 

With the SKOL Lager, Live Laugh Lager campaign our aim is to bring great comedy experiences to Rwanda and at the same time support the development of local Rwandan talent and the emerging comedy circuit. Within the campaign we will be asking Rwandans to share their best jokes with us which we will share with the community once vetted with an even higher level of scrutiny.  All materials will be screened before release to ensure it represents the values we stand for. Jokes on pack should reflect the easy going nature of the brand, and, hopefully bring a smile to people’s faces with respect for everyone.


Ivan Wulffaert
Managing Director – SKOL Brewery Ltd.