Few weeks ago, SKOL Lager brand launched the #LiveLaughLager campaign and announced a partnership with the local, well known “Comedy Knights”.

The campaign aims to reflect the easy to drink and refreshing nature of the full-strength beer. To bring the campaign to life for Lager drinkers and the wider beer community, SKOL Lager has partnered with “Comedy Knights”. This partnership will help bringing comedy directly to beer drinkers to regularly allow them take life a bit easy, not too seriously, when they relax with SKOL Lager and have a great laugh with their friends.

During the campaign launching event, SKOL Lager Brand Manager “Emilienne K. BENURUGO” said that SKOL Lager and the Comedy Knights team will host a series of live “stand up” comedy nights in a number of bars in Kigali to showcase local talent and to offer beer drinkers at the venues the opportunity to share their best jokes during an open mike session. The day has arrived!

The 1st comedy night is taking place on Friday 13th September 2019 at Le Poète Bar located in Nyarutarama – main road, KG 9St from 7pm.

This is a 1st among many more shows to come, keep checking SKOL Lager social media pages;

Facebook @SkolLagerRwanda and Instagram @Skol_lager every week to know where you can go to distress and have a great laugh with your friends while enjoying a refreshing easy to drink full-strength high-quality beer, with no added sugar.


SKOL Lager, enjoy the lighthearted side of life.

Live Laugh Lager!