Skol Brewery Ltd – the main sponsors of Rayon Sports – have recognized the club’s 29 most outstanding fans for last season ahead of the new Gikundiro promotion campaign.

Each of the 29 was on Tuesday given a certificate of recognition accompanied by VIP tickets to watch the team’s all 15 home games in the 2019/2020 Rwanda Premier League.

One of the recognized fans was Bosco Ngenzahimana, commonly known as Rwarutabura.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, he said that he was happy for the award and commended the Brewery Company’s move to award ‘loyal’ fans.

“This is an extra motivation to support our team.”

Rwarutabura watched Rayon Sports’ all league matches – home and away – last season as Rayon sports romped to their ninth title.

Rayon and Skol initially inked a three-year sponsorship deal in May 2014, and it has since been renewed to a long-term partnership.

List of 29 awarded fans:

Emanuel Musabyimana, Jean Mushimiyimana, Emanuel  Nawuguranayo, Patrick Uwase, Jean Nepo Habintwari, Jean  Basco Tesera, Sylidio Uwitonze, Jean Bosco Ntabarikure, Ignas Bihoyiki, Asuman Buhendwa, Donatha Nyirahabimana, Uwera Umumararungu, Eric Munyentwari, Adrien Uzabumwana, Jean Marie Vianney Ahishakiye and Agnes Marayika.

Others are Gisele Feza, Emmanuel Iragena, Jean Marie Gacakumakuba, Patrice Uwase, Gaspard Nsengimana, Bosco ‘Rwarutabura’ Ngenzahimana, Celestin Baziruwiha, Jean Paul Musoni, Maria Cyubahiro and Frederic Muragizumuremyi.