Today, SKOL Brewery Ltd proudly announced the launch of “Virunga Water”. The official ceremony was held at its plant in Nzove, Nyarugenge, where a new water production line was inaugurated by the Minister of Environment, Honourable Dr Jeanne d’Arc MUJAWAMARIYA. Virunga Water, the first 100% eco-friendly water brand in Rwanda, will undoubtedly shake the water industry in Rwanda, that is still mainly dependent on single-use plastic (PET) bottles.

This bold move from SKOL Brewery is also perfectly in line with the Law N0 17/2019 of 10/08/2019 relating to the prohibition of single-use plastic items in the country.
In the presence of the Minister of Environment, SKOL Brewery Ltd General Manager, Mr Ivan Wulffaert, said: “80% of plastic bottles in the world never get recycled and it takes at least 450 years for 1 plastic bottle to completely degrade. We are very proud to launch Virunga Water today, the first Rwandan mineral water in a returnable glass bottle. Our company is committed to supporting the country’s agenda to fight against plastic while also continuing to offer more
high-quality products to Rwandan consumers.” He also added: “We have invested in a stateof-the-art water production line that respects the highest international quality standards and that will enable us to produce about 40,000 bottles of pure mineral water per hour. This is a great achievement for our technical team.”

Doreen Mutesi, Virunga Water Brand Manager, said: “Rwandan consumers are becoming more health-conscious and Virunga Water also answers that growing need of a premium nonalcohol and non-sugar-based drink. Virunga Water will add an elegant touch whether you are eating at home or at a restaurant.”

Rwanda’s Minister of Environment, Honourable Dr. Jeanne d’Arc MUJAWAMARIYA in her speech during the Official Opening of the Virunga Water Production line of SKOL Brewery Ltd highlighted that available figures show that by 2050, if it continues business as usual it is estimated that there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. Most plastics are made from fossil fuels like crude oil, which contributes to climate change and estimates for the time it takes plastics to break down range from 450 years to never; Single use plastics are damaging the rivers, wetlands, and farmlands. They also pose a risk to people’s health.
The Minister commended the initiative taken by SKOL Brewery Ltd management to take this issue as its own and support the Government of Rwanda in its effort to fight against plastic pollution by reducing the single-use PET bottles and one of the way it decided to do it is by making a substantial investment to produce mineral water to be packaged in reusable glass
Virunga Water launch – Press Release – December 18, 2020 While concluding her remarks, Honourable Dr. Jeanne d’Arc called upon the Private Sector Federation with other stakeholders to follow up the lead and look for further alternative packaging to end in the near future our dependence on the single use plastic and embrace the re-use and recycle culture to promote the Circular Economy in Rwanda; and encouraged everyone to strive together to have a better world free of plastic pollution.

Packaged in a premium reusable glass bottle, Virunga Water offers high-quality water with a well-balanced mineral content to consumers looking for a healthy and refreshing drink at any time of the day.
Available in two variants, Mineral and Sparkling, Virunga water will be sold in crates of 24 x 33cl bottles and retailed at a recommended retail price of RWF 400 per bottle.

Virunga Mineral Water, the only water in a glass bottle!