As part of the company’s corporate social responsibility initiatives towards the community, SKOL Brewery Ltd reiterated its annual support to the community living around the Brewery with paying the Community Based Health Insurance (Mutuel de Santé).

The Company is interested in contributing to the well-being of the community and believes it all starts with a good health. A total of 123 families (596 people) have been supported for 2022-23, and the Brewery has been supporting the community with “Mutuel de Santé” since more than 4 years, covering for more than 2,500 people.

SKOL Brewery Ltd does not stop there, the company has different initiatives as since its establishment, it has supported and invested in the community around the Brewery from different angles such as;

  • School uniforms distribution to children studying at Nzove Primary School,
  • Donate rice to the community during the peak of Covid-19,
  • Employment opportunities, more than 60% of its employees are from the


  • And much more.

    The Brewery also supported other initiatives benefiting Rwandans in general like;

  • Face masks donation and cash contribution to the Government of Rwanda to fight the covid-19 pandemic,
  • SKOL FXB Village, a 3 years’ community development program aimed at fighting poverty and enable 60 vulnerable families (434 people) to acquire self- autonomy at the end of the program,
  • A 6-month professional internship program to the best Rwandan students finishing their bachelor program for them to practice what they learnt at school,
  • A scholarship program under the Patronage of Mrs MAITE Relecom aimed at supporting Children of SBL’s Employees,
  • Support to Gira Impuhwe NGO, a local NGO which carries out various socio- economic development activities including helping poor and families vulnerable to HIV,
  • Funding playing grounds and national school competitions of the University of Technology and Arts of Byumba (UTAB), etc.

    Ivan Wulffaert, CEO of SKOL Brewery Ltd said: “SKOL is not only a company that is in the country to make money, but it is also here as a socially responsible company. We believe that having a healthy society is very important as it allows people to be fit for work and be able to provide for their families and grow economically”. “Also, at SKOL Brewery Ltd we promote a sustainable business that wants to have long term fundamental impact in the country, this is why we keep investing in different initiatives and our operations to ensure we contribute to the development of the Rwandan community in a responsible way”.