SKOL BREWERY LTD AND RAYON SPORTS ASSOCIATION, have unveiled the Skol Rayon Best Player Of February 2023, and awarded the Gikundiro promotion fans that have completed their loyalty cards by getting 15 stamps.

The Gikundiro promotion was launched by Skol in 2017 for Rayon Sports FC supporters by SKOL BREWERY LTD. This promotion regroups various activities that link Rayon Sports FC fans to the brand Skol. Fans get to celebrate and have a unique experience related to Rayon Sports FC.

Part of this promotion is to each moth interact with fans on social medias and Radio to vote for the player that distinguished himself each month. With voting done on Instagram and Facebook on the page “Skol Rayon”. After 2 weeks of voting, Ojera Joackiam won the Skol-Rayon Player Of The Month: February.


To join the promotion that is held each year. Fans have to buy 2 Skol drinks, receive a loyalty card. A Skol employee will then proceed to register the fan. When attending each home game, fans buy a beer and get a stamps. Once the loyalty card is filled with 5, 10 and 15 stamps the fan gets rewards which varies from a free crates of Skol Malt 33cl, Gikundiro football jersey, Vuvuzela, and many more. The ultimate price is a paid ticket to follow Rayon Sports when they play an international game abroad.

Last year the Winner of the Gikundiro promotion was Mungwarakarama Deogratias won the ultimate prize of the flight ticket.

You can join the Gikundiro promotion at the Stadium or a Skol- Rayon bar when Rayon Sports FC is playing a home game.