“We have difficult task in front of us. We are a tribe of nomads that have to cross the desert. We have limited resources. We must be well organized and work together to reach our goals.”


We have the will to win and we have to win as a team. We must work fast because we have only 90 minutes to finish the work.


There is always a solution. At any time focus on the objective: To shape SBL future


Be positive and positive things will happen. In confidence, we will realize SBL objectives


Respect the integrity of others. We have the right to do not understand each other, but we have the duty to respect each other


Make sure that you can wake up with a healthy conscience the next day



Leading by example. Show the right way as if SBL is your own company.



SBL will not succeed if we copy competitors. We must be smarter.



We plan, but tomorrow the situation will be different. Be able to adapt to new situations.