Tour du Rwanda is a cycling stage race taking place every year End of February to the beginning of March throughout the country. For 8 days non-stop, people of Rwanda and around the world can watch for free an amazing sporting spectacle and cheer on their favorite team.

The first tour, that took place in 1988, was a regional stage race, welcoming Rwandese cyclists, but also riders from neighboring countries (Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania). Thanks to the support from both the sponsors and the government, the Tour is now attracting cyclists from all around African & overseas countries, such as USA, Belgium, Canada, France, Kenya, South Africa or Eritrea. In 2009, the Tour was integrated to UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) Africa Tour, the international cyclist association that organizes world’s cycling championships and promotes cycling around the world.

SKOL started sponsoring tour du Rwanda in 2012, to help developing this sport as well as to please sports lovers and Rwandan consumers. SKOL did not stop there but also engaged in a national cycling cup competition known as “Rwanda Cycling Cup”, a tournament taking place throughout the year, that helps Rwandan cyclists to train for Tour du Rwanda.