In the effort and commitment to keep contributing to the implementation of measures put in place by the Government of Rwanda to stop the spread of Covid-19, SKOL Brewery Ltd (SBL) has donated 200,010 face masks as a contribution to the safety of Rwandans and fight against Covid-19.

These are RSN95B folding particle filtering half masks which do not have valve fitted with ear loops and have head harness clips and an internal metal nose clip. Normally, the regular market price of these masks is € 1,90 euro per unit.

The official ceremony took place at the Ministry of Health where Dr Corneille NTIHABOSE, the Head of Clinical Services Department explained that those are the type of masks needed to be used by the Rwandan medical team when treating Covid-19 patients. Dr Corneille also thanked SKOL Brewery for supporting the battle of fighting the pandemic by providing one of the key weapons used to do it.

SKOL Brewery CEO, Ivan WULFFAERT said that the company knows how important it is to protect people. He added that SKOL has been and will keep investing in the protection of people, especially its employees. In the last almost two years the company has been providing at least 2 face masks to each employee on a daily basis, and in addition it avails hand sanitizers and thermometers; to keep its employees safe.