November 01, 2023 – SKOL Brewery Ltd, as part of its ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility, has once again demonstrated its dedication to the well-being of the community living around the Brewery by providing support for the Community Based Health Insurance, “Mutuel de Santé.”

Recognizing that good health is fundamental to the community’s prosperity, SKOL Brewery Ltd has continued its annual initiative to cover the costs of Mutuel de Santé for local residents. In the 2023-24 period, this support has extended to a total of 185 families (842 people) as the Brewery had committed to supporting more people. The Brewery’s sustained efforts have been ongoing for over five years, benefiting more than 3,350 individuals in the community.

However, SKOL Brewery Ltd’s commitment to the community encompasses a range of initiatives, which have been integral since its establishment. These include:

  • Offering employment opportunities, with over 60% of its workforce drawn from the local vicinity.
  • Distributing school uniforms and books to students at Nzove Primary School.
  • Assisting a community effort to level the road leading to Nzove and carry out canal maintenance.
  • Providing essential support to the community during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • And various other community support programs.

In addition to its local initiatives, the Brewery has extended its support to broader Rwandan causes, including:

  • Donating financial aid to the Government of Rwanda for the communities impacted by the destructive heavy rainfall events, that resulted in tragic casualties, significant property damage, and displacement of numerous individuals in May 2023.
  • SKOL FXB Village, a three-year community development program designed to empower 60 vulnerable families (434 people) towards self-sufficiency.
  • A six-month professional internship program for Rwanda’s top-performing students completing their bachelor’s degrees.
  • A scholarship program under the patronage of Mrs. MAITE Relecom, aimed at assisting the children of SBL’s employees.
  • Support for Gira Impuhwe NGO, a local organization engaged in various socio-economic development activities, including assistance to impoverished families vulnerable to HIV.
  • Funding for sports facilities and national school competitions at the University of Technology and Arts of Byumba (UTAB).
  • Donating face masks and contributing financially to the Government of Rwanda’s efforts in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Eric Gilson, the General Manager of SKOL Brewery Ltd, emphasized the company’s commitment to social responsibility. “SKOL Brewery Ltd is not merely a profit-driven enterprise,” he stated. “We recognize that a healthy society is the cornerstone of economic growth, enabling individuals to provide for their families and contribute to the nation’s development. Our dedication to sustainability reflects our long-term commitment to Rwanda’s growth.”

SKOL Brewery Ltd remains dedicated to promoting a sustainable business model that generates a meaningful and lasting impact within the country while ensuring the responsible development of the Rwandan community.