SKOL Brewery Ltd, the manufacturing company that produces SKOL and Virunga beer and water brands characterized by superior quality, reiterated its annual support to vulnerable families living around the factory as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility initiatives towards the community by providing health insurance for 2021-22 to support some members of the community.

Since more than three years, the company provides around 1,350 health insurance premiums to vulnerable families on a yearly basis who are not able to afford them themselves to ensure their health security. This comes as a relief to those families who would not access health services without that support.

Ivan Wulffaert, CEO of SKOL Brewery Ltd said: “SKOL is not only a company that is here to make money, but it is also here as a socially responsible company. Since its establishment, it has supported and invested in the community around the brewery from different angles such as offering jobs (more than 60 percent of our employees are from the surroundings), distributing school uniforms to children going at Nzove Primary School, giving rice at the peak of Covid-19, and much more. We believe that having a good health is very important as it allows people to be fit for work and be able to provide for their families and grow economically, hence contributing to the country’s development”.