SKOL Brewery Ltd (SBL) has signed an agreement with Orion Basketball Club to become the Official Partner of the ‘One Shot One Tree’ campaign, a remarkable endeavor aimed at planting trees to bolster Rwanda’s environmental sustainability.

Eric Gilson, SBL GM said: “This partnership will greatly contribute to temperature control, climate resilience, clean air, water management, and various other ecological benefits, reducing carbon emissions and uplifting the well-being of Rwandan communities. This is in line with SBL’s strategic ambition on CSR and environment”.

Taking the lead from the basketball community, the campaign is now expanding its reach to football. SBL, known for its long-standing association with football through Rayon Sports Club sponsorship, has pledged to plant 50 trees every time Rayon Sports Women Football Club scores a goal during the ongoing First Division Women League. This commitment equals to planting 6,000 trees in total, during the campaign’s duration.

The ceremonial agreement signing between SKOL Brewery Ltd and Orion Basketball Club in the presence of Rayon Sports Club and Rayon Sports Women Football Club management marks the start of an eleven-month partnership. The collaboration will involve tree planting activities across Kigali throughout the year, planting trees equaling to the total goals to be scored by Rayon Women Football Club during that specific period.

James Mutabazi, Orion Basketball Club President and Founder said that: “Orion is very pleased to partner with SKOL Brewery Ltd as the Official Partner for the 2024 “One Shot One Tree” Campaign and could not attain the objective of the campaign to plant as many trees as possible without a partner like SBL. Expanding the campaign’s scope to football, aligns perfectly with SBL’s renowned sponsorship in this field. This partnership is an ideal match for the campaign’s 2024 calendar. Orion encourages the community to participate in the upcoming One Shot One Tree Country Tour that promises to be beneficial to our environment and yet full of fun, excitement, creativity and community impact”.

For both SBL and Rayon Sports Women Football Club, this tree planting campaign is an incomparable opportunity to not only contribute to Rwanda’s environmental sustainability but also make a positive global impact for present and future generations.

SKOL Brewery Ltd continues to champion environmental sustainability through various initiatives such as introducing the first locally produced water, Virunga, packed in returnable glass bottles in Rwanda. The company is committed to a sustainable business model that not only fosters development in Rwanda but also promotes responsible development and empowerment within the local community.