In its steadfast commitment to fostering educational growth and empowering the Rwandan youth, SKOL Brewery Ltd proudly celebrates the successful awarding of 58 scholarships in the 3rd cohort of its scholarship program for secondary school students for the 2023-24 academic year. This marks the third consecutive year of the initiative; epitomizing SKOL Brewery Ltd.’s enduring dedication to nurturing the potential of the nation’s young minds.

 The scholarship program, initiated in 2021 under the esteemed patronage of Mrs. Maïté Relecom, has emerged as a motivation and opportunity for the children of SKOL Brewery Ltd’s employees, pursuing secondary and undergraduate studies. The endeavor extends its support to encompass students pursuing Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), embodying a holistic approach to education.

The program signifies a profound investment in the youth, particularly the children of SKOL Brewery Ltd employees, aiming to provide the resources and encouragement necessary for their educational and skills development. Mrs. Maïté Relecom, as the patron, has played an instrumental role in shaping this noble cause, elevating the initiative to the pinnacle of success.

 Over the three years, this initiative has proven to be immensely successful, with 187 students benefiting from the scholarship program at the secondary school level. Additionally, 18 diligent and aspiring scholars pursuing their undergraduate studies with the support of this program, marking a significant milestone in their educational pursuits.

 SKOL Brewery Management and Mrs. Maïté Relecom expressed their delight and satisfaction in witnessing the program’s transformative impact, not only on the lives of the recipients but on the broader community. As the initiative continues to grow and evolve, SKOL Brewery Ltd remains committed to nurturing future generations, empowering them to realize their potential and contribute positively to society.