SKOL Brewery Ltd, the manufacturer of SKOL and Virunga beer and water brands has signed a three-year financing agreement with Gira Impuhwe NGO, to support it in its socio-economic development activities.

Gira Impuhwe is a local non-governmental organization (NGO) created in 1990 and based in Nyanza district which carries out various socio-economic development activities including helping poor families, families vulnerable to AIDS, and more by providing them food and clothes, paying for them the Community Based Health Insurance, helping to rehabilitate their houses, etc.

In particular, Gira Impuhwe is concerned with the promotion of education. Thus, more than 9,408 people including 6,320 children have been helped by Gira Impuhwe through the provision of school fees and materials; the NGO also built a nursery and primary school to facilitate parents and children.

This agreement is a way for the brewery to keep contributing to the socio-economic development of the community, as a socially responsible company, it has the Rwandan community at its heart.

SKOL Brewery Ltd promotes a sustainable business that wants to have long term fundamental impact in the country.